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Whereas the general Ruby code in the view is located within <% and %> tags, Ruby code that results in something to be rendered in the document (that is, shown on the Web page) is included within <%= and %> tags. The link_to method accepts the text to use for the link, and then it accepts parameters, formatted as a hash, that represent where the eventual link is to point to. In this case, the link is created to point to the show method of the current controller (you could specify a different controller with an option such as :controller => 'controllername'), with an ID matching that of the current entry you re iterating over. For example, let s assume entry refers to an Entry object with attributes and data, as such:

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Look, Ma, No Arguments!

One of the reasons the example slide does not guide attention is that it uses a category heading like those you see in almost all PowerPoint presentations. A category heading like Focus Areas can help you quickly brainstorm a list of information, but as you can see here, it does nothing to guide you to a quick understanding of what is the most important information on the slide. Simply categorizing and listing information does not entail the critical thinking it takes to determine the point of the lists in the rst place. Category headings don t say anything speci c, and to uncover the mystery of what you are trying to communicate when you use them, your audience members need to invest extra capacity of working memory they don t have to connect all the dots of the bullet points below the headings. And these headings put an extra burden on you and your audience as you both struggle to see the focus of your ideas through the sequence of slides in your presentation. As your audience views these headings and their corresponding stacks of bulleted lists, slide after slide, it s no wonder that they nd the presentation unfocused, hard to understand, and overwhelmed with unnecessary details. The background of the example slide offers no visual guidance related to the topic, and although the slide includes a photograph of a handshake, it does not illustrate the speci c point of the slide and was likely added to spice it up. This runs counter to the research that shows that the less you overload working memory with extraneous information, the more people learn.

At this point, is equal to 3, entry.title is equal to Example Entry, and entry.content is equal to This is an example entry. Let s build up to the link_to example in a few steps showing some example view code and what it would render in this example:

It s important to understand how these examples work, as many elements of views rendered by Rails will contain patterns such as these, whether for generating links, including images, or creating forms to post data back to your application.

To create custom layouts for your various levels of slides, on the View tab, in the Presentation Views group, click Slide Master. In the Overview pane on the left, you will see the built-in layouts that you can apply to your slides. You can add any custom layouts here that you want, and as always, the best place to begin is with the most important slides in the presentation.

=> entry rather than :id => This is allowable, as id is considered to be the default column if no other is supplied in situations where links are being created.

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